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“Almost one in five pups bought on websites or social media die within six months”

Thursday June 05, 2014

“Almost one in five pups bought on websites or social media die within six months” this is according to a research carried out by The Kennel Club UK in September 2013. 

Their research also found that:

• One third of people who bought their puppy online, over social media or in pet shops failed to experience 'overall good health'.

• Almost one in five puppies bought via social media or the internet die before six months old. 

• 12 percent of puppies bought online or on social media end up with serious health problems that require expensive on-going veterinary treatment from a young age.

• 94 percent of puppies bought direct from a breeder were reported as having good overall health.

Though these figures are for the UK it is the DSPCA’s experiences that this is very much the same in Ireland. Following our recent comments in relation to DoneDeal, the DSPCA have received many complaints from buyers who have had bad experiences when buying animals online.

Complaints received by the DSPCA include:

• Seller unwilling to meet at their premises. Instead insisting on meeting at a neutral location such as a car park, etc.

• Seller giving misinformation to potential buyer about animal’s age, sex, health and breed.

• Buyer not receiving promised Irish Kennel Club papers for a pedigree dog or puppy

• Buyer not receiving important information and documents such as microchip change of owner forms, vaccination cards, details on worming or de-fleaing schedules, diet information, etc.

• Animals dying or becoming very sick shortly after purchase.

• Animals requiring ongoing and expensive veterinary care relating to congenital problems caused by bad breeding or bad breeding conditions.

Once again the DSPCA is appealing to the public not to buy animals online and to report any cases to the DSPCA that they feel need further investigation. The DSPCA condemns the unregulated sale of animals by DoneDeal and other online classified websites. We find it astonishing that so called Codes of Practice on these sites are breached on a daily basis. The Kennel Club UK research merely reinforces the horrors of this greedy trade in animal misery.

We are calling on other welfare organisations to support the DSPCA in requiring DoneDeal and other websites to provide full traceability on all sellers of animals on their sites. This is a fundamental requirement in bringing forward prosecutions against unscrupulous breeders.

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