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DSPCA Education service reached over 12,000 children last year

Wednesday May 14, 2014

The DSPCA's Educational Service (Dublin Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) offer a FREE education programme, including visits by their Education Outreach Officers to schools and tours to their extensive centre in Rathfarnham, Dublin.   The DSPCA believes that raising people's awareness is the best insurance against cruelty to all animals for this generation of children and the adults of the future. The Society's Education Service plays a leading role in raising public awareness by providing a comprehensive package in animal welfare education for students, teachers, youth organisations and the general public with a focus on life-long learning.

The DSPCA strives to promote respect and compassion for animals in all sections of our community and beyond.

Why Students Benefit: 

  • The DSPCA's education service teaches compassion and responsible behaviour towards animals, humans and the environment we all share.

  • They encourage children to recognise that all animals and creatures matter, not only the cute friendly ones.

  • Children may realise that while humans dominate the planet we live on, they must learn to share it with all other creatures.

  • The DSPCA believes that by understanding our place in the world we develop empathy and respect for all life.

Education Activities:

Last year our Education Officer Gillian Bird, along with her team of Education Outreach Volunteers spoke to in excess of 12,000 young people by visiting and giving tours to pre-school, primary and secondary schools, 3rd level colleges as well as adult and family project groups and correctional facilities.  So far this year they have spoken to over 75 schools/groups and given over 100 talks.  The Education Department also works with Transition and Leaving Cert Applied students and by the end of June over 350 work experience students will have completed placements with us for the school year 2013/2014.

The Education team are happy to work with all ages and will create an age/ability appropriate session to suit each group. If you would like to arrange work experience, or appointment to visit the DSPCA Animal Centre or for Gillian or one of her team to visit your school or summer camp please Tel: (01) 49947054 or email your enquiry to

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To help us improve the welfare of sick, injured and abandoned animals, please donate what you can.

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