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Grotesque Act of Cruelty as Firework Used to Maim Dog

Friday September 17, 2010

Lower Jaw Blown Off as Youths Hand Firework to Dog

The Dublin Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has today condemned the brutal maiming of a dog by a gang of youths in Finglas who put a lit firework in the dog’s mouth. The dog subsequently had the entire bottom of its jaw blown off and was in severe distress.

On Wednesday 15th of September, Gardai in Finglas were alerted by members of the public who reported seeing a severely injured dog on Cardfiffbridge Road, Finglas. The dog had been maliciously handed a lit firework by a gang of youths and had lost the entire bottom of its jaw. Gardai rushed to the scene and managed to contain the injured animal.

Inspector Liam Kinsella responded to the emergency and rushed the dog to the DSPCA veterinary surgeon, however there was no alternative but to euthanize the dog immediately as repair or recovery were impossible. Both Gardai and DSPCA were shocked and appalled by the incident.

Orla Aungier of DSPCA commented “This was a grotesque act of cruelty. The dog, a young female tan terrier, suffered a catastrophic facial trauma to its lower jaw. The entire bottom jaw had been blown away and the dog was in severe pain and was losing huge amounts of blood. Inspector Kinsella was informed by the Gardai that a group of youths had allegedly given a lit firework to the dog.”

This horrific incident highlights the question of safety and easy availability of fireworks. DSPCA urges vigilance, caution and safety around fireworks as this can be a very distressing time of year for animals. In the weeks approaching Halloween, fireworks will become available to youths all over Ireland. Fireworks are very dangerous, but also very popular amongst the youth. There is a large illegal market in Ireland for selling fireworks to minors.

The gang of youths who allegedly gave the firework to the dog were not yet found. Gardai in Finglas are investigating the incident. Anyone with information should contact Finglas Garda Station or the DSPCA shelter in Rathfarnham in confidence immediately (01 4994700).

In another development a second dog was brought to the shelter by his owner on Thursday 16th September. The dog had been injured after he chased a banger that had been thrown by children on a green. The children in question didn’t mean to hurt the dog but this again shows the dangers of fireworks and bangers both to animals and children. The dog underwent surgery for a fractured jaw at the DSPCA shelter and is in recovery.

For further information on how to protect your pets at Halloween , please read the article on our website.


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