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DSPCA inundated with complaints about wildlife!

Thursday April 10, 2014

DSPCA are being inundated with the public complaining about wild animals.   Phone lines are always busy and with a shortage of staff and resources this is not helped by complaints about wild animals.

Every day the staff in the DSPCA have to explain to the public that we are “not here to trap, remove or kill wild animals” and contrary to popular belief there is no large “farm in Ireland that is going to take in all the unwanted foxes, birds etc. from Dublin!”

BlueTit on feeder

The complaints received by the DSPCA vary from badgers/foxes digging the lawn or the hedgehog making the dog bark at night, concerns about visiting children and fox poo, to bird’s fouling on cars or people’s washing.

“We in the DSPCA love animals, we are here to protect animals.  We are run from donations given to us to help animals”,  says Call-Coordinator Lorna Swift.  “We ask that the public respect what it is we are here for and not to expect us to trap and take away wild animals that are native to Dublin just because they see them as an inconvience.   These animals are entitled to be there and have as much rights as us to have a safe home”.

If you do have a situation that you are concerned about we advise the public to learn more about the particular wildlife in their area - read up on their habits and lifestyles.  Learn to appreciate that we live amongst some of the most beautiful creatures in the world and educate children about respect and giving them space. 

“Every animal should be given a chance in life whether in the city or the countryside. After all we are the ones that built on their land and made them become urban dwellers not the other way around,” adds Lorna.




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