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DSPCA opposes online trading of animals...

Thursday March 20, 2014

Following a number of recent media reports, the Dublin Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (DSPCA) would like to reiterate its stance that it strongly disapproves of the online selling of animals.

Chief Executive of the DSPCA Brian Gillen commented: “The online trading of animals is a serious problem as many cases the animals are neither correctly vaccinated nor micro-chipped. It is difficult to source the origin of cats, dogs and all other manner of animals.

“Because of the amount of in-breeding and over-breeding, all too often we see instances where animals are in poor health with severe congenital defects. The DSPCA has intercepted shipments of puppies bound for the UK and have evidence that many of these animals were sourced online with scant regard for the conditions in which they were raised.

“In a straw poll of two websites on Thursday morning, we found in the region of 11,000 advertisements are currently available for sale which can transfer to tens of thousands of animals.

puppy farm

“The DSPCA is calling on, and all websites once more to cease all sales of animals immediately. We are also urging members of the public not to purchase animals online and to follow our ‘Adopt A Pet’ guidelines on”

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