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DSPCA welcomes progressive Animal Welfare Act

Thursday March 06, 2014

“The DSPCA, Ireland's largest and longest established animal welfare organisation, today welcomed the passing of the Animal Health & Welfare Bill into law. The legislation will replace the outdated Protection of Animals Act 1911.

According to the DSPCA the new animal welfare legislation will improve the rights of animals, will make animal owners more accountable, will increase the powers of seizure of animals in neglected situations, allow for prevention of cruelty in numerous situations and increase the penalties for convictions particularly with the appointment of the DSPCA among the officers authorised by the Minister and by local authorities.

Commenting Brian Gillen, CEO, DSPCA, said “The introduction of modern Animal Welfare legislation will reduce the unnecessary suffering on animals as authorities now have the backing of appropriate legislation. This is particularly important with regard to trafficking of animals which remains a significant issue in Ireland. In those cases, where trafficking is suspected, we will now be able to trace the source of those engaged in this cruel trade and prosecutions will be possible”.

On an average day the DSPCA receives over 400 calls to its emergency and cruelty line which is up by 150 a day in 2013.  So far this year the DSPCA has seen an increase in the numbers of calls it receives each day with calls concerning animal cruelty increasing by 60%. 

Established in 1840 to prevent cruelty to animals, the DSPCA is Ireland's largest and longest established animal welfare organisation. Its primary role is the prevention of cruelty and neglect through the provision of homing, rescue and care services for injured and sick animals. The DSPCA is a leading advocate for animal welfare and works closely with the Gardai and the Fire Rescue services.”

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