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New Unauthorised Horse Market in Dublin

Saturday March 01, 2014

The Dublin Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (DSPCA) has expressed its extreme disappointment at the horse fair which was held at Newlands Cross, Clondalkin on Saturday (1st March).
It is estimated that more than 100 horses were in attendance at the fair as well as several hundred horse traders.

The DSPCA maintains that there are no facilities in urban areas for either the keeping or housing of horses or for the holding of horse fairs.

Having worked hard alongside a number of local authorities to control horse fairs of this manner over the last many years,the DSPCA hopes that Saturday's fair will not be a signal of a return to the kind of horrific animal cruelty witnessed in the Smithfield markets in the past.

Officials from the DSPCA visited the fair on Saturday morning to observe the fair and we are grateful to the Gardai for their support and assistance.

The DSPCA are calling on South Dublin County Council to ban any such fairs from taking place in the future.

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