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Dogs with skin condition callously thrown into skip...

Friday February 07, 2014

Meet little Pearl and her puppy Malteser. Earlier this week a lady passer-by saw the two frightened dogs in a builders skip outside a shopping centre in north Dublin. The lady contacted security at the centre and the dogs were taken out of the skip and brought to the dog pound.

On arrival at the pound it was discovered they were infected with mange so they were transported over to the DSPCA shelter Rathfarnham.


This came just days after a cat was left in a pet carrier at our gate during the storm on Saturday night. The pet carrier was found empty the next morning blowing down the road and later that day the cat (Lola) was found injured and scarred on our grounds.

Sadly, these are not isolated cases as just a few minutes ago we had another dog brought to the DSPCA after she was found in a tied plastic bin bag in a skip by a member of the public in Templeogue.

What causes some people to be so cruel? We fully understand it is not easy to find a new home for a pet you can no longer keep but the owner MUST take responsibility for ensuring the pet is going to people who will provide the love and care the animal needs. Certainly to throw an animal into a skip as though it was nothing but dirty rubbish cannot be tolerated under any circumstances.

All the animals mentioned above will be brought back to good health and we will ensure that from now on they will never suffer like this again.

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