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Flood advice - Do you know what to do with your animals if it floods?

Tuesday February 04, 2014

This is a guide will help you prepare in case of flooding so you can get your animals to safety more easily.

Think ahead before it floods - Don’t wait for a disaster to decide what to do.  Floodwater rises rapidly so if there is a flood warning don’t hope for the best, act early

  • Plan your escape route.

  • Make sure you can be contacted in an emergency and keep phone numbers of people who can help you move your animals.

1. If you have pets

  • Make sure you have suitable carriers for small animals.

  • Keep a supply of food for evacuation.

  • Bring all small animals inside and, if possible, upstairs.

  • Move food, bedding and fresh water somewhere dry.

  • Keep favourite toys dry, these may comfort your pet if you have to take them somewhere else

  • Put important documents such as microchip numbers, vets and vaccination details, along with a photo of your pet in a sealed bag, in case your pet gets lost.

2. If you have livestock or tethered horses

  • Ensure any gates you need for emergency access are fitted with easy to open locks or chains and that you have easy access to the keys.

  • Animals will need to be moved to high ground early to avoid fast-rising floodwaters.

  • Make sure you have emergency feed and fresh water supplies available.

3. If disaster strikes put your flood plan for your animals into action.

If you have pets

  • Cats, rabbits and other small animals must be transported in suitable carriers, birds in a secure cage and dogs using sturdy leashes. Remember to take your animals’ food, water, bowls and bedding with you.

  • If you have no choice but to leave your animals behind, leave them shut inside an upstairs room with ample supplies of food and water. Leave notices on the outside doors to say there are animals inside and your contact number.

If you have livestock or tethered horses

  • If you haven’t already, move animals to high ground if the escape route is accessible.

  • Make sure you have emergency feed and fresh water supplies available

An remember  - Don’t put your own or another life in danger to attempt an animal rescue.

4. Stay Informed!

Weatherdial - Most general forecast enquiries can be served by WEATHERDIAL, the Premium Rate Weather Service, which is available on voice or fax. Voice forecasts for each of the four provinces, the greater Dublin Area and for Irish coastal waters and the Irish Sea can be obtained by dialling:

Munster 1550 123 850
Ulster 1550 123 853
Leinster 1550 123 851
Connacht 1550 123 852
Dublin 1550 123 854
Sea Area 1550 123 855

Calls cost €0.97 per minute. Calls from mobiles will cost more.

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