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DSPCA bid adieu to two of our special resident ponies - Peanut and Jelly

Friday January 24, 2014

On Friday morning the DSPCA bid adieu to two of our special resident ponies - Peanut and Jelly - who have been adopted by the Smyth and Noonan families and have began this new chapter in their lives over in the west of Ireland.

Peanut and Jelly were taken in by the DSPCA late last year after our inspectors discovered them in horrific circumstances. Peanut suffered a severe eye injury, overgrown hooves and was generally uncared for, while Jelly came into the shelter with serious injuries back in October and was also severely underweight. 

After many operations under the watchful eyes of our superb veterinary team, both ponies recovered to full health and proved to be extremely popular around Christmas time with our younger visitors to the DSPCA.

We are indebted to people like the Smyth and Noonan families who every day display incredible acts of kindness by giving animals of all shapes and sizes a fresh start in life.

Peanut and Jelly will live together in happiness out West and our inspectors and all of our staff were delighted to see them in such great condition ahead of their move on Friday morning.


back row - Niamh McCormack (DSPCA Vet), Brian Gillen (CEO, DSPCA) and Noel Noonan front row - Pete Smyth (CEO, Broadlake Capital - @broadlakepete), Peanut the Pony, Jelly the Pony, Louise Noonan, Kate Noonan and children.

Every day our team of inspectors come across animals like Peanut and Jelly who in many instances are in distress and are the victims of intolerable acts of cruelty across the city of Dublin and beyond. Here at DSPCA we are committed to providing the best care for all animals. To adopt an animal from the DSPCA please visit



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