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Feline Like Some Company This Valentine's Day?

Friday February 10, 2012

 Are you looking for the puurrrfect partner this Valentine’s Day? 

Feline like you need someone to keep you company; to be kind to you on those lovely spring evenings? A companion who adores belly rubs and enjoys squeaky toys?

Pawtastic! We’ve got the cutest companions for you, right here at Ireland’s oldest and largest animal rescue shelter.

Why not drop up and see for yourself because the DSPCA animal shelter is bracing itself for the onset of kitten season and would dearly like to rehome some special older felines in order that they can free up space in preparation for orphaned kittens.

Interested? Then read on…

·       Annette is a 7 year old domestic short haired tabby and white female who’s looking for a quiet, relaxed life partner.  This independent woman doesn’t like fuss and although, she may appear to be shy, interested parties will soon realise Annette loves to play and most of all looks forward to spring evenings spent huddled by the fire.  If you can provide Annette with candle lit suppers, we guarantee, she’ll soon be eating out of your hand.

·       Angel and Gucci – A couple of swells, these wise guys are strictly exclusive and must be rehomed together.  Why? Because the brothers refuse to be separated, besides Angel is only 10 months and needs big bro Gucci (4) to keep him in check.  These magnificent moggies would ideally be suited to a family with older children who can provide them with a stimulating, fun environment.

·       Fatboy and Sullivan – Two siblings who like to live it large like the Lord and Lady of the manor.  You see the pair, who are the best of buddies, are like a comedy duo with fun and flirtatious Sullivan playing the adventuress who likes to drink from the tap before exploring her territory while Mr Smooth, Fatboy is a laid back moggy who gets his kicks snuggling under the duvet and purring for cuddles.

Spokesperson for the DSPCA Miriam Kerins says “An older cat’s personality is fully formed making them far less likely to provide any nasty surprises to their adoptive family in the future. So, what the new owners sees, is what the new owner gets.  If properly introduced, the older cat is less likely to upset an already resident cat or dog than a rambunctious kitten. Older cats are usually litter and scratch post trained so their owners don’t have the hassle of teaching them, there are fewer messes to clean up and the furniture is more likely to be left intact.”


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