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DSPCA Proudly Launch New Emergency Response Vehicle

Friday February 03, 2012

 Delighted staff and volunteers were on hand to watch beloved RTE broadcaster Pat Kenny launch the DSPCA’s emergency response vehicle the Mitsubishi L200 today.

The photocall was a platform to launch the country’s oldest and largest animal welfare charity’s much needed new vehicle.

In a message of support, the popular broadcaster said “As an animal lover myself, I struggle to understand how people can involve themselves in animal cruelty. Yet it is a daily fact of life for the men and women of the DSPCA.  I admire enormously the work that they do and I hope that others will follow in the footsteps of Mitsubishi Motors in giving them the support they vitally need.”

Every year, the DSPCA receives 90,000 calls from concerned members of the public regarding cruelty, abuse and violence toward animals.   Each of these calls is thoroughly investigated and now, trained inspectors and ambulance drivers will be able to utilize this new vehicle to reach animals in crises with a lot more ease and efficiency.   Based at their Mount Venus Road Campus, the emergency response vehicle will make a big difference to frontline staff.

Miriam Kerins, spokesperson for the DSPCA said today; “It’s fantastic and it’s a far cry from the first emergency vehicles used by the Society when it was founded back in 1840.  Back then our ambulance drivers used a horse and cart, later moving on to push bikes with little baskets to carry the injured animals. This new Mitsubishi L200 will help us perform our invaluable service more efficiently, especially in circumstances where a tough, reliable multipurpose 4 wheel drive capability is required to reach those awkward spots where injured animals often find themselves.  it’s  also ideal for carrying small animals comfortably contained in crates allowing ambulance personnel to transfer them easily and swiftly to our Rathfarnham campus  for treatment and care.”

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