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Doberman Dumped in Arctic Conditions Like Piece of Household Rubbish.

Friday December 09, 2011

The DSPCA, Ireland’s oldest and largest animal welfare charity today urged pet owners not to abandon their animals having rescued and treated a severely underweight dog who was left cruelly hog tied and dumped last night in sub zero temperatures.

The terrified and shivering female Doberman, who is estimated to be aged between one and two years, was rescued this morning (December 9th) by animal welfare inspector Liam Kinsella following a call from a concerned member of the public.

Inspector Kinsella found the terrified animal when a caller reported they’d ‘heard movement late last night,’ at the back of Bluebell flats, near the Fourth Lock, off Davitt Road, Dublin,  but only made the gruesome discovery early this morning and immediately alerted the Society to the stricken animal’s plight.

According to a shocked inspector Kinsella, the animal, who is not microchipped and is displaying pressure sores, due to having no body fat meaning her bones were rubbing on the surface where she was kept,  was  chained to a pillar with the chain going around her back legs; there was  also a harness tied around her waist with the lead rope being tied to a concrete pillar and the chains being wrapped around  her hind legs and  looped back up through her collar,’ Inspector Kinsella, added, ‘ I am satisfied that this was a deliberate act of cruelty; this animal could not have done this herself in an attempt to break free.’

Spokesperson for the DSPCA, Miriam Kerins said, ‘It’s heartbreaking to see this beautiful, living, loyal creature being dumped like a piece of household rubbish. There is no excuse for this type of cruelty and abandonment. Last year the charity rescued in excess of 4.400 animals.  We would appeal to anyone who can help us locate the person who did this to contact us, in confidence, on 01-4994700 or call the Gardai.’

The Doberman, lovingly named Mistletoe by shelter staff who are caring for her and who will be working throughout the Christmas period caring for all rescued animals,  is receiving veterinary care and treatment and it is hoped, in time, she will make a full recovery.

The DSPCA is a non government funded charity No. CHY1047 and depends heavily upon your donations. To find out more or to make a donation, please log onto or call 01-4994700.

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