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Urgent Appeal To People Purchasing Puppies/Dogs This Christmas

Friday December 02, 2011

The DSPCA would like to make an urgent appeal to anyone who is considering purchasing a puppy/dog for Christmas and ask them to please, please, be careful and vigilant with regard to where this puppy/dog comes from.

Every day, we deal with people regarding animal welfare issues and it concerns us greatly when we receive calls from pet owners; especially at Christmas time, who tell us they’ve purchased their pet from the back of someone’s car or boot, only to find the animal has become dangerously ill very quickly, often dying within 24 hours of them getting it home.

We have received a number of calls relating to such incidents in the past 48 hours.

On foot of this, the DSPCA has issued the following guidelines.

If you are looking for a puppy/dog this Christmas (or at any time of the year), please go to a shelter and adopt one.

If you decide not to adopt from a shelter and opt to go to a breeder, then follow these simple guidelines:

* Research dogs that interest you and find out which breed is right for you and your family/environment.

* Go to an IKC registered, licensed breeder.

* Insist on seeing the puppy’s parents – examine and check for temperament/mental and physical condition/eye problems/other related health problems specific to your breed of choice.

* Inspect the environment where the puppy was kept and never, ever agree to meet the breeder half way or in a car park; at a petrol station, on the side of the road, etc., insist on visiting the premises. We cannot stress this point enough.

* Ask about inherited conditions from the animal’s parents/grandparents.

* Does the puppy come with a veterinary certificate of health? Speak to the vet.

* Dogs are adults longer than they are puppies so make certain you are familiar with the adult type of your chosen breed.

If the breeder is responsible and there are many responsible, registered, licensed breeders in Ireland, then he/she should ask you, the new owner, certain questions; for example:

* Have you researched this breed/ why do you want this dog?

* What hours do you work/who will care for this dog when you’re at work/on holiday?

* Do you have children/what are their ages?

* Describe a typical day/week at your house

* What will you do if you can no longer keep this dog?

* Will the dog be spayed/neutered?

* Will the dog be allowed into the family home or be kept outdoors?

* Do you have other pets?

Remember it’s important you maintain good contact with your puppy’s breeder and understand you’re committing to this animal’s care for the rest of its life. A responsible, registered, breeder will welcome your commitment.

If you’re uncomfortable or have any concerns, contact your local animal welfare shelter. The DSPCA can be contacted at 01-4994700

However, if, having read our guidelines, you still wish to go ahead and purchase a puppy/dog from somebody you’ve met in a car park, petrol station, side of the road, etc., then please take the following precautions in the event your puppy suddenly becomes ill.

* Get the car make, model and registration number.

* Pay special attention to the person selling you the puppy; physical description, any identifying features/details, etc.,

The DSPCA would like to acknowledge and thank the people at for their help and support with regard animal welfare and responsible pet care and ownership.

The DSPCA is a non government funded charity. The DSPCA is Ireland’s oldest and largest animal welfare charity no CHY1047.  If you wish to donate to the DSPCA please telephone 01-4994700.


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