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Dramatic Rescue on Dublin M50 as Cat is Spared the Highway to Heaven

Wednesday July 20, 2011

freewayThe DSPCA were involved in a dramatic rescue on the Dublin’s M50 this afternoon. A  kitten frozen with fear in the central reservation on Ireland’s busiest motorway was rescued in a daring operation which involved the DSPCA, Gardai and national media.
Freeway on the M50 video

The cat, named Freeway by the staff in DSPCA, was spotted by passing motorists literally frozen with fear as cars hurtled past him at 100kmh. A call to the DSPCA and Ambulance driver Lisa Kemp was dispatched to try to save the terrified Kitty. Lisa soon realized that the speed of the traffic would make it impossible to get to the cat on her own. Calls were made to the local media urging motorists to slow down while Lisa waited for the Gardai to arrive.

Recalling those terrifying moments  Lisa  said ‘Every time a car went by, he flattened his was obvious he was absolutely terrified. My heart was in my mouth, I couldn’t get to him. The traffic was going too fast, I kept fearing he would run and be hit. I could visualize it. We called  the Gardai  and while I waited for them to arrive I was just willing Freeway to stay put. The Gardai  were brilliant..traffic stopped. I ran with the cat basket and just grabbed him  and ran back’

lisaMystery surrounds how Freeway found his way to the M50 . Orla Aungier Operations Manager with Ireland’s oldest welfare organization said  “ we hope that Freeway just  took a wrong turn this morning and ended up being surrounded by speeding cars. Unfortunately all too often we see beautiful animals just like Freeway dumped on the side of the road, we are aware that people are struggling, we are struggling financially here as well, but we would ask people to act with as kind a spirit as possible. ”

Last year the DSPCA cared for over 4,000 animals at its centre as well as thousands more at its mobile clinics.  With no end in sight to the country’s economic conditions they expect this number to rise.

Freeway , utterly exhausted from his close brush with death is now trying to relax with his rescuer Lisa in the DSPCA centre in Rathfarnham as they attempt to reunite him with his owners or find him a new family. “ I really want to thank the Gardai and all the media who got the word out to slow down, without their help who knows how horrible this could have been’ said the relieved Lisa.


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