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Hermione & Ron the Hoglets

Monday July 04, 2011

Two Hoglets (baby hedgehogs) were found by a man in his front garden on Friday afternoon. As there was no sign of the mum he brought them into the DSPCA. Ron and Hermione as they have been named are about 7 days old and have to bottle fed every 3 hours.  So far they are doing well and each hoglet put on 2 grams at the weekend so fingers crossed they continue to do well. 

Hedgehogs like to make their nests under garden sheds, under mature hedges and in compost piles.  Be very careful if you plan to do any drastic gardening or moving of garden shed as you may disturb a nest full of babies.  Please remember that you should never touch or interfere with any wild baby animals you may come across as the parents are usually around and will return to the nest if it is left undisturbed. 

 If you do come across a baby animal that does not appear injured then you should keep an eye on it to see if the parents return.  If there is any doubt or the animal is injured please ring us at the DSPCA on 01 4994700 for further advice before you pick up the animal.

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