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DSPCA Statement following BBC1 Panorama Programme "Britain's Puppy Dealers Exposed"

Tuesday May 17, 2016

The DSPCA would like to commend the BBC Panorama team for last night’s programme “Britain's Puppy Dealers Exposed”. The programme highlighted the greed and deliberate cruelty surrounding the mass production of puppies in Ireland and in the UK.


Many viewers will have found the programme disturbing and there are many questions to be asked about the legislation and inspection of facilities in Ireland.


Brian Gillen CEO of the DSPCA said “Inspections of the properties and facilities were clearly poor and the light or non-existent regulation of these premises is plain to see. The puppies and adult dogs are suffering from the greed of these individuals. Even battery hens are treated better….” Brian went on to say “The DSPCA has to insist on proper protocols, including restrictions on numbers of breeding bitches (some facilities house 200 – 500 animals) and inspections of the facilities should be carried out by the Department of Agriculture. We would like to remind the new Minister of Agriculture that the DSPCA are still more than happy to assist in these inspections as Authorised Officers under the Animal Health and Welfare Act.”


The programme also highlighted the numbers of animals sold online and the DSPCA are again calling on a ban on online sale of animals until suitable regulations and policies can be put in place.


The DSPCA are asking people once again to consider adopting from an animal charity and give an unwanted dog or puppy a loving home rather than buying.


You can watch the full programme here


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