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DSPCA working with the Irish Mail on Sunday and Irish Daily Mail newspapers

Friday March 25, 2016

Dear Friends.


Here's another chance to make a real difference for those animals under the DSPCA's care and protection.


Working with the Irish Mail on Sunday and Irish Daily Mail newspapers, the DSPCA is launching 'Read & Rescue', an innovative scheme where these newspapers will contribute a percentage of the cover price from every newspaper sold across a week to the cost of veterinary care and the general needs of animals in our shelter.


To play your part, all you have to do is collect 6 'Read & Rescue' tokens, with Token 1 appearing in this Sunday's Irish Mail on Sunday, and continuing every day next week in the Irish Daily Mail. 


In addition to helping animals at the DSPCA's shelter in Rathfarnham, you'll also find a wealth of interesting articles and tips in these newspapers about the care and wellbeing of your own pets, so you'll be making a real difference all round!


So don't miss the 'Read & Rescue' promotion, starting this Sunday in the Irish Mail on Sunday, and continuing all next week in the Irish Daily Mail.


I would like to thank the Irish Mail on Sunday and the Irish Daily Mail for this initiative and all of you for your continuing support and kindness.


Many thanks.


Brian Gillen


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