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DSPCA Run Feline February Events for Cats

Friday January 01, 2010

This year the DSPCA are again running a number of events for Cats and Cat Lovers this February.  These events focus on the health and welfare of both the domestic pet cats and the feral population.

With spring approaching and the cat breeding season about to start the DSPCA has decided to concentrate on population reduction and neutering.


Tom Cat Tenner – the DSPCA have opened up its Tom Cat Tenner Neutering programme for more dates.  During this they are neutering male cats, both feral and pets for just €10.  This event is a booked event as places are limited to 10 cats per week.  Book here for the last few places.

Friendly Feline Females – This is a 2 day event where we are running a special female cat neutering programme for pet cats at just €40 per cat.  This event is a booked event as places are limited to 10 cats per week.  Book here.

DSPCA Mobile Clinics – The DSPCA run subsidised mobile clinics in 3 areas of Dublin.  This service offers subsidised veterinary treatment for pet owners in receipt of Social Welfare Payments.  Both male and female cats can be neutered for just €55 each.  Details can be found at


The DSPCA will be running a special Cat Microchipping Event on Saturday 27th February from 11am to 1pm the DSPCA Shelter, Mount Venus Road, Rathfarnham, Dublin 16.  Cats will be microchipped for just €10 each.  Please make sure cats are in a secure pet carrier.

Feline Valentines Weekend Saturday Adoption Day

Looking for that purrrfect companion to spend those long evenings on the coach?  Want that long term relationship you have been looking for?  Step away from Tinder and come and meet our amazing range of fun and frisky female felines or toned and talented tom cats!

We have lots of lovely cats looking for homes why not come and meet them this Saturday 11.00am – 4.30pm.  Find out more here about adopting a cat from the DSPCA.

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