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Hyper Young Birds - Jedward - Getting All The Attention!

Friday May 13, 2011


The DSPCA has named two fledgling magpies brought to their shelter John and Edward in honour of the exuberant twins taking the Eurovision by storm. The animal welfare organisation hopes that the two baby magpies might be a lucky sign for their namesakes Jedward in Dusseldorf tomorrow night.

The charity also wants to raise awareness about the importance of not disturbing young magpie fledglings, as they make their departure from the nest.

jedward birds 1

Orla Aungier Operations Manager with the DSPCA explains: 
“Baby birds that are heavily feathered and not yet able fly are called fledglings. They have left the nest under the supervision of their parents as they hop and flutter learning to pick for insects.

Their parents feed them at regular intervals and the majority of them go on develop the skills and strength to fly and become fully independent. However they can appear vulnerable to people who come across them, they may be sitting on the ground and seem like they are all on their own and in danger; however their behaviour is all part of the process of becoming a grown up bird. If people do come across them they should leave them be.

Unless they are in real danger such as being on a road or a footpath, then we would recommend that you just move them back into the ditch and as close as possible to where you found them so that their parents can hear their chirping.”

Commenting on the new additions to the DSPCA sanctuary, Orla explained: “The magpie fledglings – Jedward - are absolutely hyper little things.  Magpies are notoriously clever and energetic birds and as these little guys are so young they require hand feeding and loads of attention which of course they seem to thrive on. So immediately the staff started calling them Jedward after seeing the brilliant and energetic appearance by the twins in Germany last night.”

If you have any doubts about whether the bird is in danger or not just call the DSPCA and we can offer you the best advice”

For the interim John and Edward the magpies are doing well and will continue to receive all the attention they need until they are independent enough to go out on their own. In return, like their namesakes they are providing entertainment for everyone in the animal shelter with their jumping, chirping and general giddiness.

Orla commented on the magpies “John and Edward remain blissfully unaware of all the fuss that they are creating. They are getting stronger with each feed and hopefully by tomorrow come the Eurovision contest they will be strong enough to be a lucky mascot for Jedward in Germany”

The DSPCA animals, staff and volunteers wish Jedward all the best tomorrow night!

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