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New inner city education programme sponsored by Owen Reilly Property Consultants

Friday August 28, 2015

New inner city education programme sponsored by Owen Reilly Property Consultants


The DSPCA is very pleased to announce an expansion to its education programme for the coming school year. Funding has been provided by Owen Reilly Property Consultants for a programme that will aim to provide visits from the DSPCA to 50 primary schools in Dublin’s Docklands and the wider Inner City. The DSPCA believes that raising people's awareness is the best insurance against cruelty to animals, and the Society’s Education Service aims to teach compassion and responsible behaviour towards animals, humans and the environment. Each year our Education Team and volunteers speak to in excess of 12,000 young people by visiting schools, colleges and community groups.

Up to now the DSPCA has, for budgetary reasons, not been able to work with many schools in the inner city. Gillian Bird is the Society’s Education Officer and she said she believes there is a lot that can be done in the area: “There is an equine crisis in Ireland and unusual cruelty is being perpetrated every day on animals – in tandem with the increasingly violent society in which we live. Teaching kids the basics of empathy and the understanding that animals and humans can feel the same things such as hot, cold, hungry, thirsty, scared and excited – and can feel pain – helps to start the basics of a caring and respectful relationship with the animals around them. She continued: “Our aim is to reach school children a minimum of three times in their school careers and it is fantastic to have this secure funding so that we are able to plan a programme for this year that will reach so widely.”

Owen Reilly 

Owen Reilly is very happy to support the DSPCA’s important work; he said: “I live in the Docklands and I walk around with Baxter a lot and we see sorry looking animals; I think this education makes a lot of sense and I am delighted to be associated with something that will hopefully have a far-reaching beneficial effect for animals and children and society. We wish the DSPCA every success with the project and will be on hand to help in any way that we can. I hope that my staff and I will be able to assist the DSPCA in other ways as well but I am delighted to start with this.”


Owen Reilly Property Consultants provides a professional estate agency service for clients with interests in property throughout South Dublin and in Dublin’s Docklands; established in 2008 in the Docklands, the company has specialist knowledge of the area’s history and of its future potential.

The DSPCA wil be writing to each school in the areas in the coming weeks.

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