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Unleash the fun with Yoko’s ‘Doggie Chess’ Game

Tuesday July 07, 2015

Working with Yoko Ono, the renowned artist, musician and animal rights activist, the DSPCA have developed ‘Doggie Chess’, a fun chess game for iPad and iPhone.


With Animal Welfare being one of the most important societal issues of the 21st century, this fun-to-play, 3D mobile game is part of Yoko’s broader Chess initiative to promote Critical Thinking as an essential tool for addressing the challenges of modern times.


Featuring different breeds of dogs to represent the individual pieces of a chess set, the characters are based on actual dogs available for rehoming/adoption at a local shelter, reminding people where possible to ‘adopt, don’t buy!


Download it for your iPad and iPhone here:




  1. Download the FREE Yoko Chess App from iTunes.

  2. Select Doggie Chess.

  3. Choose ‘Buy’ (€2.99).

  4. Sign In (or Create Apple ID).

  5. Confirm Purchase.

  6. Click OK & Play!


CALL TO ACTION COPY (Bottom of page):


Finally, with the game being priced at just €2.99, a percentage of each purchase also goes towards supporting the important work of DSPCA, so enjoy the fun today – Download, Play, Share and Support our important work!

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To help us improve the welfare of sick, injured and abandoned animals, please donate what you can.

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