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DSPCA calls on Simon Coveney to review the puppy breeding business in light of this evening’s BBC’s television documentary ‘The Dog Factory’

Tuesday May 19, 2015

DSPCA calls on Simon Coveney to review the puppy breeding business in light of this evening’s BBC’s television documentary ‘The Dog Factory’ which highlights the scandal of puppy farming across the island of Ireland 

The DSPCA is today calling on the Minister for Agriculture, Simon Coveney, on animal welfare grounds, to carry out a thorough review of the puppy farm business in Ireland. The DSPCA says that the review is urgently required to ensure proper regulation of the appalling trade in animal misery that goes on in puppy farms across Ireland on a daily basis.

The call is being made in advance of the broadcast of a documentary on the BBC television network this evening called “The Dog Factory”, which highlights the horrific extent of animal cruelty and breeding of dogs on puppy farms.

There are almost 80 registered commercial Puppy Farms in Ireland, some of which contain more than 300 breeding bitches. These bitches are kept in confinement for their short lives and are subjected to continuous breeding. Many of these animals are destroyed as young as three years of age due to their loss of condition from over-breeding. In addition to the horrendous conditions found within registered puppy farms, there are also many unregistered “back yard” breeders where conditions are well below any acceptable standard.

Currently the required level of inspection by Local Authorities under the existing laws is limited in Ireland and the DSPCA says the review should address this lack of enforcement and introduce adequate inspection, including unannounced visits to these establishments by inspectors from the Department of Agriculture.

“The Dog Factory” was originally shown on BBC1 television in April of this year, and will be repeated on the BBC network this evening, demonstrating for all to see the reality of Puppy Farming in Northern Ireland. The programme resulted in an urgent legislative review of the laws that relate to Puppy Farming in Northern Ireland.

Puppy Farming in the Republic of Ireland similarly has scant enforcement of the existing laws and Brian Gillen, CEO of the DSPCA, says a similar review is now urgently required in the Republic of Ireland:

“Within the Republic of Ireland alone, over 30,000 puppies are exported to the UK each year, with many shipped in uninspected and unregistered vehicles and without regard to the Dog Passport regulations and health controls. The shocking footage which will be shown in this  broadcast is just a glimpse at the harsh reality these animals are facing, with the practice now widespread within this country.

A review of the puppy farming business is now urgently required to protect the safety of each of these animals and to outline the standards that must be met in order to operate a Puppy Breeding Farm. We are also calling on the members of the public to impress on their politicians that this is no way to treat man’s best friend.”


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