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National Horse Amnesty Programme launched by the DSPCA

Friday March 25, 2011


National Horse Amnesty Programme Launched March 25th 2011 

DSPCA calls for support from Department of Agriculture, Local Authorities, Welfare Groups, Horse Industry, Vets and Concerned Citizens for the National Horse Amnesty Programme

The National Horse Amnesty Programme, an all-Ireland initiative devised and led by the DSPCA, was launched by Dublin’s Lord Mayor, Gerry Breen, in the Mansion House March 25th 2011.

Designed to address the ongoing equine crisis in Ireland, the National Horse Amnesty Programme will provide a service whereby horse owners in trouble can seek advice and support in dealing with unwanted equine. The amnesty aims to reduce the numbers of horses ending up in unregulated sales, such as Smithfield, and prevent the unnecessary suffering that many animals are forced to endure.  Read more...

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