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Adopt don’t Shop with and the DSPCA

Wednesday December 03, 2014

Adopt don’t Shop with and the DSPCA, Ireland’s new free online trading community, have partnered with the DSPCA (Dublin Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) to help re-home some of the many animals available for adoption across the country. They are urging people to think twice before they buy a pet and instead consider adopting one of the shelter animals looking for their forever homes.


“When we launched our initial intention was to not have a Pets category as we felt it would be difficult to regulate and we certainly didn’t want to risk promoting puppy farms or unregistered breeders. However, we did feel that maybe there was something we could do to help find homes for the large number of shelter pets around the country. And so our partnership with the DSPCA began and ‘So Adopt Me’ was created!”

(Ed Byrne, co-founder)


“The online selling of animals is not acceptable and DSPCA, Ireland oldest and largest Animal Welfare Charity, has seen many cases where it is a major contributor to animal cruelty. We continue to advise the public not to buy online. We are pleased to work with “”as this website will only list animals for adoption in rescues centres . Prospective owners will receive the full services and support of the DSPCA when they visit us to adopt.  We encourage other like minded animal rescue organisations to become involved.”

(Brian Gillen , CEO, DSPCA)


‘So Adopt Me’ is the pet adoption section on and all of the animals featured in it are from the DSPCA and their recommended animal shelters. The focus of the ‘So Adopt Me’ section is on re-homing the many abandoned or mistreated pets that have ended up in the care of these shelters. If you are thinking about buying a pet please re-consider and instead take a look at the pets available now on There are some amazing animals that are only just waiting for the chance to have the happy home life they deserve.


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