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The DSPCA is saddened by a terrible act of cruelty outside county Dublin

Tuesday March 15, 2011

Picture 2The DSPCA is saddened to have to highlight a terrible act of cruelty that took place outside of the Capital.

On Monday the 7th of March two Jack russell terrier dogs were abandoned at Friends of Animals shelter
Mullingar, Co. Westmeath.

One dog (picture 1) was in good condition.

Picture 1However the 2nd dog (picture 2) was so badly injured around the Jaw area we had to edit the picture in order to show it.

The vet who examined the dog estimated that the injury had occurred around one month previous and that the dog had received no veterinary treatment, as a result the dog would have suffered in horrendous pain for that length of time.
Unfortunately the vet could not save the dog and the dog had to humanly put to sleep. 

The animal shelter in question is appealing for anyone who may recognize the dogs from the area co contact them in confidence on 04493-42205  with any information that may help bring this callous owner to justice.

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