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Star Dog!! Harry needs a home.

Sunday March 06, 2011

Harry is a lovely Lurcher who is looking for a forever home.  He is white with brown markings.  He is a very sweet dog and would make a lovely family pet.  He is friendly and playful and loves to go for walks.  He arrived in the DSPCA in December with some injuries to his paws and side.  His sore spots have healed fully and he is ready to find a new family to spend the rest of his days with.

Lurchers make wonderful pets and for all those house proud people out there they are wonderful as they do not shed!  Many people think that Lurchers & Greyhounds will require hours of exercise every day but that is not true - they are the 60 MPH couch potatoes of the doggy world.  They are sprinters, not marathon runners and don't require any more exercise than other breeds.  They are affectionate and loving.

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