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Letter to the Editor - The future of Irish Greyhounds in China

Wednesday March 02, 2011

greyhoundLetter to the Editor

Dear Sir / Madam,
We write as a concerned group of leading animal welfare organisations with extensive experience of Greyhound welfare, regarding the Irish Greyhound Board's suggested interest in sending Irish Greyhounds to the People's Republic of China to establish a Greyhound Industry. It is clear that this venture is being pursued with no consideration for the welfare of Greyhounds. The future of Irish Greyhounds in China would at best be short lived and at worst dire and unthinkable.
The idea of sending Greyhounds to China stands in stark contrast to the letter and spirit of the recently drafted Welfare of Greyhounds Bill which was finalised by the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food following extensive consultation with the Greyhound Industry and the welfare community.
As a group of Ireland's leading animal welfare organisations we strongly urge the Irish Greyhound Board to reconsider their plans and ask them to think about how damaging this move could be for the welfare of Irish Greyhounds. As a nation we have recently attracted adverse international coverage about the welfare of our horses - let us not go down the same route with the welfare of our Greyhounds, a noble dog which is synonymous with Ireland.
Yours faithfully,
Dogs Trust, DSPCA, ISPCA, The Irish Blue Cross

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