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Adopt a pet this Christmas, don’t buy one

Tuesday November 18, 2014

THE Dublin Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (DSPCA) is once again calling on people who are thinking of buying a pet this Christmas to adopt one instead.


At the launch of their Christmas campaign with the Lord Mayor of Dublin, Christy Burke, at the Mansion House, Brian Gillen, the CEO of the DSPCA, said: “Many of the pets bought come from sources who have no respect for the animals or their welfare.  Many people buy pets on-line not realising that in these animals are being bred to order in appalling and stressful conditions with no regard for the long-term health of the animal.  Many animals are sick, have birth defects or have been treated very badly.  The DSPCA sees dogs and cats as valued members of the family that should be loved and cared for and that in return provide companionship and even assistance.  Unfortunately, they are still seen by many as purely a source of income, being only used for breeding or commercial trading.” 


“The DSPCA would like to see more adoption of rescue animals. There are lots of excellent pets to choose from both at the DSPCA and at other rescue centres. We are asking the public to consider adoption as a way of giving a healthy pet a second chance. The pets for adoption at our rescue centre in Rathfarnham have had the full care of the DSPCA including neutering, vaccination and microchipping. In addition, our pet adoption team can advise families on the pet that best suits their home life.  ” 


Today also marked the launch of the DSPCA Santa Experience at their centre in Rathfarnham, where children can visit Santa in the beautiful setting of the DSPCA Centre at the Foot of the Dublin Mountains. For details and bookings please log on to


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