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Equine Crisis discussed on RTE Radio and TV Today

Tuesday January 25, 2011

Ear to the Ground Horse PhotoThe Irish Equine Crisis was discussed on the Pat Kenny Radio Show and featured on Ear to the Ground TV Show today. 

Journalist Ella McSweeny recently spent the day with Orla Aungier, Operations Manager at the DSPCA Rescue and Rehoming Centre and went to Dunsink with the DSPCA inspectors to discuss what work the DSPCA is doing to help sick and injured horses in Dublin and to discuss the Equine Crisis from the experience of the charity.

Ella discusses the Equine Crisis with Pat Kenny on his RTE1 radio show including interviews with people she met during her day with the DSPCA.

Listen to the Pat Kenny interview here

In the Ear to Ground TV programme on RTE 1 today, called Skin And Bones, the Irish Equine Crisis is reported on. 

On December 22, 2010 five horses were found under the snow in Darndale, Dublin having starved to death. The animals were malnourished and some had been eaten by dogs.

This scene is becoming all too familiar around the country as horses, once a luxury purchase during the Celtic Tiger, are being abandoned during the economic downturn. Equally, we've all heard reports of children as young as 12 buying horses in return for a mobile phone.

Ella McSweeney joins a DSPCA inspector on their rounds to help feed the starving animals in Dunsink, Dublin and learns about the education programme that the charity runs to encourage responsible ownership of horses in young people. She'll also be asking if there's a solution to this growing problem

You can watch the programme on RTE Player in case you missed it by going to

Read more on the Irish Equine Crisis and the work of the DSPCA here.


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