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Animal Adoption Appeal

Tuesday February 01, 2011

Our animal rescue and rehoming centre is currently full of wonderful cats and dogs who are looking for a new home! Can you help?

We have a great selection of all types of breeds and sizes to suit your needs and our adoption consultants are ready and waiting to help match you with the perfect pet for you!

All our pets have been checked by our veterinary team, are vaccinated, neutered\spayed, microchipped, dewormed and deflea'd and have had a behaviour and personality assessment.

We are currently struggling to take in any more rescued animals as we do not have a time limit of how long a rehomable animal will stay in our care, the only way of making more space in our animal centre is for animals to be adopted.

We are currently updating our website so not all animals are currently listed.

If you, your family or friends are looking for a new companion pet why not contact our adoption consultants or visit our centre.

You can contact our adoption consultants on 4994729 or email

We need your help urgently as January is a very busy month for us!


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To help us improve the welfare of sick, injured and abandoned animals, please donate what you can.

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