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Special Message from Santa at the DSPCA

Tuesday December 21, 2010

It is with great sadness that due to adverse weather conditions we must cancel Santa’s remaining visits to the DSPCA on Tuesday 21 Dec and Wednesday 22 Dec. Santa is so sorry to disappoint all of the boys and girls who had planned to visit him at his favourite animal centre. Most of all, he is sad because he feels like he’s letting down all the animals. You see, Santa’s visits to the DSPCA are the charity’s biggest fundraiser.  Santa realises that all the Mums and Dads have made a wonderful effort to support the charity and he would like to send a special parcel to those of you who will kindly make the fee that you paid for your visit, a donation to the DSPCA.

This weather is especially hard on the animals too. Any contribution that you make will help the DSPCA save even more lives. Santa is particularly concerned about all the animals (especially horses) across Ireland that are living outside, cold and alone without food and shelter and a place to call home, and asks that you remember them this Christmas by making a donation. The DSPCA is Ireland’s largest and oldest animal welfare organisation. We help more than 25,000 animals each year, a service which costs €2M each year to provide of which 95% is covered by donations from people like you.  

Special Parcel from Santa
For those of you who make your Santa fee a donation, Santa and his Elves can send you a very special parcel with a personalised letter for each child, along with the toys that were made for them. Although this costs the DSPCA a little bit more, we just don’t want to disappoint any of the boys and girls out there.
If there is anything else we can do for you, just ask. Thank you for caring about all the animals in our care.

Merry Christmas & have a wonderful New Year,
Lori (Santa’s Little Helper)

Lori Davis

Mount Venus Road
Dublin 16
Tel: + 353 01 499 4720


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To help us improve the welfare of sick, injured and abandoned animals, please donate what you can.

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