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The DSPCA calls on Racing Industry and Authorities to work together to address Horse Crisis

Thursday December 02, 2010

HorseinsnowThe DSPCA is working closely with Department of Agriculture, Department of Environment, local authorities, other animal welfare organistions and leaders in the industry to address the key issues that have lead to an equine crisis in this country.

We believe that a cross-industry group should work together to ensure that the issues that lead to a horse crisis in Ireland are addressed swiftly and effectively with the onset of the worst of the winter weather.

The current situation, which has been documented thoroughly in the national and international media, came about through the lack of enforcement of legislation and prevalence of horses and over-breeding over the past 10 years.

DSPCA believes that the follow measures are required:
1. Closure of unlicensed, unregulated horse markets such as Smithfield
2. Setting up of an amnesty programme (multi agency) whereby owners who cannot rehome or afford horses can surrender their animals (criteria to be determined)
3. Rehoming programme for impounded or surrendered horses (with necessary fees associated for veterinary, licensing and passports)
4. The extension of Responsible Horse Ownership Education activities
5. The creation of centralized database for microchips, horses that are not chipped or licensed need to be impounded by local authorities or authorized officers

Jimmy Cahill, CEO, DSPCA said: “We in the DSPCA recognise the need for a cross-industry response to the equine crisis in this country and we hope to deepen our workings with the Department of Agriculture, local authorities and key international players in the horse-racing industry to implement the necessary steps to end equine suffering in this country.”

Watch a video of our staff in action on November 30th in Dunsink.

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We would ask any horse owners to make sure their horses have shelter and put out extra feed and water for their horses during this freezing and snowy weather.

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