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Thursday October 21, 2010

DSPCA has today renewed calls for information for the whereabouts of the missing marsupial that was brought into a 30th birthday party in a hotel in Clondalkin over the weekend.

Orla Aungier said: “Australian media have reacted with horror to this story, with all of the leading news outlets reporting on the mistreatment of this wallaby in Dublin. It is important that the authorities here send a clear message that this behaviour is not acceptable in civilised society, and that it is not acceptable in Ireland. It brings shame on our whole country when this sort of behaviour is reported in the international media – a loud message that we do not tolerate this kind of behaviour is required.

“It is important now that the whereabouts and condition of the wallaby is confirmed so that we can assure those concerned in this country, in Australia, and in other parts of the world, that the animal is safe and well. We have seen people who claim to have been at the party comment on websites that the animal is ok – we would ask that someone contact us here in the DSPCA in confidence and confirm the location of the animal so our vets can ensure that it doesn’t need any medical treatment.

“From what all of us saw on the footage, the animal was grossly mishandled, and was in an environment totally unsuitable for a wild animal. We want to ensure that the animal is safe and well and administer any necessary veterinary care.

“Thereafter, we need to communicate that this kind of behaviour is not acceptable in Ireland – the only way that this can be done is through the introduction of an appropriate system to register exotic animals. The Animal Health and Welfare Bill is due to contain this legislation, we have been assured time and again by successive administrations that it will be provided, but the Animal Health and Welfare Bill has once-again been put on the long finger. The current legislation dates back to 1911 – it is outdated and needs to be amended.

“We cannot continue to have exotic animals bought and sold without any form of license. Such animals should be registered and micro-chipped to prevent such extreme cases of animal cruelty in the future. The welfare of this animal is paramount, the DSPCA are appealing to anyone with information relating to this incident or the whereabouts of the animal in question to contact Gardai or the DSPCA in confidence.”


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