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Posted by Miriam Kerins, March 31, 2011 at 09:00

On 30th March, 2011, Designing Dublin; a learning initiative of the not for profit company Design21C launched its second project ‘Love the City,’ right in the heart of Dublin.

This initiative was made possible by a combined group of city council staff and volunteers who got together and applied their various talents and expertise in order to find out just what facilities and services were available to the lovely people living in our inner city.

The aim was to specifically highlight and focus on these community services and encourage residents to both celebrate and embrace them.

This was achieved by inviting myself Miriam Kerins, Education Officer with Ireland’s oldest and largest animal rescue shelter, The DSPCA, celebrating 171 years standing up for and rescuing all animals, along with others, i.e. members of Dublin City Council’s Planning Department, Dublin Waste Management, Dublin Community Gardai,  Postal Services, those who provide Spiritual Guidance, Traffic Management Services, and others to take part by first being photographed and agreeing to have their images displayed in public places throughout the inner city.

The next step was to hold  a ‘People Library,’ event whereby we, the community service providers, became ‘human books’ and  ‘readers’ could ‘borrow’ us for a 20 minute period and ask questions about the work we do and the valuable services we provide  to our city on a daily basis. This took place last night at the MACRO building on the corner of North King Street and Green Street.

It was also a  unique opportunity for ‘readers,’ to question what role they, as citizens of Dublin, play in city life and highlight that they’re very much a part of the system and can demonstrate that they too can contribute positively to their own communities.

It was a wonderfully worthwhile event and positive experience.  I met many interesting people who ‘borrowed’ me as a ‘human book,’ asked me questions about the work I do and gave me the opportunity to let them know all about the amazing organisation that is The DSPCA.

I hope today, the citizens of Dublin City understand more about the passion, compassion and dedication of my colleagues whom every day realise that no task is so urgent than that of saving lives; innocent, silent, loyal and loving animals’ lives.  This we do on a daily basis.

I was absolutely humbled; (and secretly thrilled) when the organisers told me they’d decided to use my image as the main one because it’s a reflection of every single staff member, volunteer, foster carer, committee member and supporter who gives their time; unselfishly, 24/7 to this great city of ours by educating, rescuing, rehabilitating, re-homing, providing veterinary care, investigating and prosecuting… all in the name of animal welfare.

Check out the images; you can’t miss them, they’re all around our Fair City.
Miriam Kerins, Education Officer, DSPCA




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