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Posted by DSPCA, August 17, 2010 at 16:00

Here at the DSPCA we are always interested in getting your feedback.

We would love to hear what toys does your dog love?

Please let us know the brand if you know it, thanks


Emma Clarke says:

My dog loves Kong Toys, they are really durable and chewy!

Posted on : 19/08/2010

Jennifer Russell says:

My dog loves his Kong toys and has more teddys than most kids but his fave by far are a big plastic plant pot and a paint tray!! He adopted them when I brought him home from the DSPCA 4 years ago and no matter how many toys I buy him he always goes back to his them!! He has hours of fun flipping the plant pot on and off his head!

Posted on : 21/08/2010

Sarah Daly says:

My dog loves his rope with the ball on the end of it - he loves pulling out of it and swinging it around!!

Posted on : 21/08/2010

Dee Sweeney says:

My Springer Spaniel Zut loves the ball even brings it to bed & my other Springer Spaniel Sally loves her teddies, she sucks on them & brings them to bed also :-)

Posted on : 22/08/2010

Ciara Duff says:

My dog loves his rope. I don't know the brand but they seem to be sold everywhere. Loves it for fetch, tug of war or just to chew on. He's got bundles of toys but this one is by far the favourite!

Posted on : 24/08/2010

Kate Gallagher says:

My labourdor daisy loves kong toys espesuly when you put treats in them shes there forever with it and she loves bamboo canes that she takes from the garden but when it snaps she gets scared and runs away!!!!!

Posted on : 24/08/2010

Dave says:

My dogs love the rubber bad cuz toys! :)

Posted on : 29/08/2010

Caroline says:

The top two fave toys here, are a Kong with treats, and a tennis-ball-sized squeaky football (brand name: Eirpet or Trixie). Tend to keep one little football in reserve as little else gets a look in!

Posted on : 01/09/2010

Alex Shortt says:

My 8month old German Shepherd puppy LOVES his Kong toy and tennis balls! The Kong toy is brilliant just because its so durable and it's great not to find little pieces of it everywhere around the house!

Posted on : 08/09/2010

Jenny Harrow says:

My dog loves his Nylabone bones. He's a small thing but has a huge ability to destroy toys, so these are the only toys that he doesn't shred. Oh and he has his favourite sock that we allow him to have.

Posted on : 14/09/2010

Tara Brown says:

My 6 Year old boxer a.k.a mad max is OBSESSED with dryer balls! not normal balls normal dogs play with... just the generic domestic dryer ball! I think it's because it's too tough to chew apart!

Posted on : 14/09/2010

Hannah Barry says:

My Springer Spaniel Stan loves his teddy's, he brings them in from the garden when it rains and leaves them to dry in his bed :) Joey our little terrier loves his squeeky chew toys,also loves jumping up on the bed and dropping them on my head when he wants to play at 7am.

Posted on : 17/09/2010

Dee McClean says:

My lurcher Snickers loves tennis balls, rope toys, empty plastic bottles, chairs, table corners, cushions and my socks. Oh and the tv remote control! Thankfully he has grown out of his chewing anything that is around him phase and is now focusing mainly on the tennis balls. He is however getting through them at an alarming rate. I think I need to buy shares in a tennis ball making company.

Posted on : 02/10/2010

Caoilinn Handley says:

My cocker spaniel, Harry, loves to play football with our many basketballs and he also loves to play with his extensive collection of tennis balls and other toys made from the same materials as tennis balls!!

Posted on : 04/10/2010

Sylvia Bowe says:

My Great Dane cross Dino ( previously called Schmeichel in the DPCA, before we adopted him 3 years ago) loves his little teddy, and also loves leather footballs that he grabs and bursts , the plastic footballs are not so tough, so he prefers the leather ones! He also likes his Kong toys, but only when they have treats inside.

Posted on : 19/10/2010

Jennifer Fitzpatrick says:

My Springer Spaniel Holly loves her teddy's! She has about six, she take them everywhere with her, especially to bed:) You find them in every room in the house.....she's the greatest dog!

Posted on : 20/10/2010

Julie O Sullivan says:

Bailey, a DSPCA adoptee, loves his Kong and the treats inside. He loves his tennis balls in the park and his Rope pull toy. He loves shoes, trainers, boots and tea towels if he can get them ;) Socks...well...its like a lotto win for the little guy :)

Posted on : 23/10/2010

Jess B says:

My Puppy Is A Dogue De Bordeaux He Loves To Play With Footballs!

Posted on : 27/10/2010

chloe murphy says:

my dog loved squeaky toys we would hear him every morning playing with it ............................................................ the best dog ever

Posted on : 28/10/2010

Lisa Coffey says:

My border terriers Ailsa and Tazzi love the knotted rope best. They run around the sofa for hours chasing each other for it. All other toys have had a life span of about 10 minutes. They love skinning tennis balls. Ailsa's teeth chatter when she sees rubber or plastic toys especially the Christmas cracker, which is 'killed' within 2 minutes.

Posted on : 05/11/2010

Karen Rafferty says:

My dog loves her teddy's - especially ones that make a squeeking noise. They are her favourites. She is a small enough terrier & doesnt really play with anything hard or rubber so they are really the only toys I buy for her! Would be great to see some of those in your online shop!

Posted on : 09/11/2010

Sally says:

My dog doesn't like toys! She has a million balls, squeeky toys and a couple of kongs around the place and she isn't interested. She will happily play with any NEW toy for about 5 mins till it looses that news smell, then she couldnt care less. She much prefers a bra or socks robbed from either the dirty or clean clothes baskets :-(

Posted on : 28/11/2010

Lynn Darby says:

My cairn terrier Bosco, loves his orbee-tuff Orbo, it looks like a world but squeezed at the equator. It bounces like a rugby ball but floats if it goes in the water. I brought it home from America. its made by Planetdog. They have lots of different shapes and sizes but haven't seen them in Ireland yet.

Posted on : 02/12/2010

Rania Mikhail says:

Unfortunately my much loved german shepherd passed away a few years ago, but was active and a voracious chewer even in her latter years. She got her first Nylabone the week we got her as a puppy (mainly to avoid those little needle teeth being cut on the chair legs) and completely fell in love! As she grew up and her teeth got bigger her favourite Nylabone was the Galileo, which she'd bring everywhere (preferably a little chewed by a pooch friend as she didn't like to start them off herself). She also loved the S-shaped dental chew and Flexi-chew frisbee (which doubles as a handy water dish when you're out on walks). I couldn't recommend them enough for strong chewers and the shavings that come off are totally safe, unlike real bones. Our furniture remained completely intact too, which is a major plus! She had one other absolute favourite toy which it seems is really hard to find! Pedigree brought out a ball some years ago made of a durable rubber (I think it might have been limited

Posted on : 14/12/2010

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