How You Can Help

How Your Business Can Help

Your Company and DSPCA can work together for mutual benefit.

Corporate Sponsorship

Will your company become one of our sponsors, it does not have to be an animal related company, there are many ways your company may be able to help the DSPCA? Cause Related Marketing will enhance your reputation with the public, your customers and your employees and consumer survey's have shown it may even boost sales!

Providing Services, Supplies or Human Resources

In lieu of a donation would your company consider Providing Services, Supplies or Human Resources free of charge to DSPCA.

Join the DSPCA Supporter Programme

 Your business can become a monthly supporter of the DSPCA or you can encourage your employees to sign up to the DSPCA Supporter Programme and begin a monthly direct debit? Click here for information.

Make the DSPCA your Charity of the Year

Companies now have Charity of the Year programmes in place where employees nominate their favourite charities and put their full effort into raising funds for the chosen charity over the course of one year. If such a scheme exists in your workplace, please think of the DSPCA.

Looking to do a Corporate Day Out or a Team Volunteering Day? 

 The DSPCA works with a variety of companies and will organise a company day out for you.  Read more on corporate volunteering.  You could also do a fundraiser for the DSPCA on your team volunteering day, why not organise a supermarket bag packing event or another fundraising event.

Employee Volunteer Days

Does your company have a Volunteer program? Some companies now offer their employees days off so that the employee can give their time, effort and expertise to charities.  Add the DSPCA as a volunteer option for your employees.  Read more on corporate volunteering.

Does your company have a Gift Matching Program? 

Some companies will match your personal donation doubling the amount that the DSPCA receives.  Ask your company for more details. 

Give As You Earn

Give As You Earn is a simple, trouble free and highly effective method of donating to charity, where a company facilitates their employees to make regular charitable contributions via payroll deductions.  The company payroll department deducts the agreed donation from the salary in the same way as they deduct pension and health insurance payments. The company then makes the appropriate payment to DSPCA on their employees' behalf. 

Would you consider having DSPCA as the beneficiary of your next Staff Night Out?

 DSPCA’s fundraisers are on hand to help you come up with an idea for a fun night out that can also benefit the DSPCA.  See our Fundraising page for some ideas.

Dog & Lamb Boxes

Have you space in your office reception, school or shop counter for one of our small collection boxes.  These boxes are a great source of income for the society and we are always trying to find homes for new ones.  If you would be interested please contact 

Dublin Bus Ticket Refunds

 Every year, an estimated €750,000 is being thrown away due to unclaimed Dublin Bus ticket refunds. By simply sending your tickets through to DSPCA, we can claim this money for you and use it to fund our services. To really make a difference, why not think about setting up collection boxes in your office or organising internal collections and send them to Fundraising, DSPCA, Mount Venus Road, Rathfarnham, Dublin 16 or just drop them to the shelter.

Recycle Mobile Phones, PDA's & Printer Cartridges

Recycle your companies old Mobile Phones, PDA's & Printer Cartridges free of charge and earn money for the DSPCA.  See our Recycling Appeal page for more details.

Are you doing a Company Clear Out or Spring Clean? 

Check out the DSPCA Wish List to see if you can help?  Not on the list but think it might be useful to the DSPCA, see below for contact details.


Please email or call 01 499 4700 if your business would be interested in participating in any of the options above.


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