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Sponsor a Pet

Sponsor a Pet

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Sponsoring A Pet is the perfect gift to yourself or to someone who loves animals! 
By participating in the DSPCA Sponsor a Pet Programme, you are contributing towards the cost of your chosen animal's care, our expansive educational work and animal rescue service. Sponsoring A Pet is emotionally rewarding!

Your lovely Sponsor A Pet packet includes:

  • A photo of your chosen animal
  • A sponsorship certificate
  • Your pet's unique rescue story

You can Sponsor A Pet for as little as €30 a year or €3 per month.  Sponsorships make wonderful gifts for Christmas or special occasions like Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries, Promotions, Graduations, Births and Memorials.

Sponsor A Pets are as fun to give as they are to receive. We'll include a gift card and mail the packet directly to the recipient if you wish. Anyone can Sponsor A Pet -- individuals, families, school groups, businesses, social or service clubs. Sponsor A Pet today and support the work of the DSPCA!

We have a wide and varied collection of different animals you can sponsor, below you can see just 6 of our wonderful animals that you can sponsor:

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