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Recycling Appeal

Recycle your old ink cartridges in aid of the DSPCA

If you have used our free collection and recycling service in the past then we want to thank you for choosing the DSPCA as your chosen charity and for using Infotone as your main collector for empty printer cartridges. If you haven’t taken advantage of this free service yet, then now’s the time to start.

Your empty cartridges are an important source of income for the charity and are a resource in the Infotone manufacturing process and we greatly appreciate your help in saving them for recycling.

Remember - please don’t throw away your empty or unwanted cartridges. We’ll come and collect them for FREE!

And that’s not all – Recyclable cartridges can be worth up to £2.00 each which will be donated to the DSPCA at allow them to continue doing their valuable work rescuing sick, injured and cruelly treated aniamls as well as Educating to end cruelty to animals to the new generations!

If you’ve got empty or unopened printer cartridges cluttering up your office, then relax, just follow these three simple steps.

  1. Click here 

  2. Fill out the simple form

  3. In the comments section say ‘to send a chq to DSPCA’

  4. Hit the submit button. A member of our recycling team will email you to confirm the collection of your cartridges.

Five frequently asked questions,

Q1, “How many cartridges do I need to have?”
A, normally we ask for a minimum of 10, (sometimes only 5) but you can have a mix of different types and makes.

Q2, “How much are my cartridges worth?”
A, It depends on the condition, type and age; some unfortunately are worthless (Epson inkjets) but others range from 50p up to £2.00 each. You can choose to have a cheque, donation to charity, high street shopping vouchers or money off your next order!

Q3, “What about a waste transfer note for my records”
A, Infotone is a licensed waste carrier; A waste transfer note is issued to you when we check your collection into our warehouse.

Q 4, “What do you do with them?”
A, Infotone is a remanufacturer of printer cartridges; we need your old cartridges to make into new ones.

Q5, “How much does this cost me?”
A, nothing. The collection service is completely free of charge, and you don’t even have to be a customer.

Please click the following link  and let us come and collect your empty cartridges for free.

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