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Purina Dog Care Advice

One of our main sponsor's Purina has fantastic information on caring for a dog on their website.  Click to find out more information on:

Your New Pet:

Choosing a Dog

Tips on Dog Breeds, Choosing the right dog for you, choosing a Puppy, adopting an adult dog, etc

Pregnancy & Birth

Tips if your dog is pregnant, feeding pregnant & nursing dogs, labour & birth information, etc


Tips on how to puppy proof your home, feeding , puppy health, obedience training, house training, etc

Settling In

Tips on bringing your new dog or puppy home, Home Safety, introducing your new pet to your current pets, etc

Food & Nutrition: 

Healthy Eating

Tips on the right food for your dogs,
snacks and treats information, food
safety, nutrition a-z

Choosing the Right Food

Tips on the right food for your puppy,
adult dog, special diets, etc

Nutritional Calculator

Create a personalised feeding and
nutrition plan for your dog.

Eating Concerns

Tips if your dog is off their food, special
diets, allergies, overweight dogs, etc

Health & Wellbeing

Healthy Living

Tips on all areas of Dog Health Care, etc

Health Concerns

Tips on Dog Health a-z, etc


Tips on Emergency First Aid, etc

Living with Special Needs

Tips on after surgery care, special diets, etc

Living Together

Get More Out of Life

Dog Games & Sports your dog will love, Dogs and Kids, Doggie Emotions, etc

Looking Good & Feeling Great

Tips on Grooming, Bath & Nail Care, etc

On the Move

Tips on traveling with your dog by car &
by plane, travel checklists, etc

Best Behaviour

Tips on basic behaviours, barking dogs, posessive dogs, etc

Dog Care Questions 

Doggie FAQ

Ask the Experts

Dog Care Articles

Nutrition A-Z


 Size Matters- Tips on Keeping your Dog Healthy, Lifestyle Diary, etc


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