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Other Ways to Donate to the DSPCA

Donations of Life Insurance

Donations of life insurance in Ireland allow you to make a significant donation down the road by making modest contributions now. By purchasing a new life policy and naming DSPCA as the beneficiary, the premiums paid will be recognised as a charitable gift and you will be eligible to receive tax benefits. Alternatively, by donating an existing policy, you will earn a current income tax deduction.

A Permanent or Endowed gift

An endowed gift allows for long-term planning. The principal is invested and returns annual interest. Part of the annual interest is reinvested to increase the principal, and part is used for the purpose intended (such as a yearly sponsorship). Endowed funds usually carry the benefactor's name.

Donations of Publicity Quoted Shares

In 2005 income tax relief was introduced to the donation of publicly-quoted shares to eligible charities. This means that gifts of shares of €250 or above in a tax year are now eligible for tax relief.

Donations of Unwanted Gifts - did you get a gift or won a prize you did not want!

That MP3 player you already have, that crystal bowl you have no use for, the new golf jumper that is too small for you!  Why not sell them on Ebay instead of leaving them in a cupboard and give the profits to us

Donations of Equipment or Materials

Equipment or material (such as computers, vehicles, animal-related artwork, etc.) may also be contributed.

Dublin Bus Receipt Tickets

Send in your Dublin Bus Receipt Tickets to the DSPCA. Every year, an estimated €750,000 is being thrown away due to unclaimed Dublin Bus refunds. By simply sending your tickets through to DSPCA, we can claim this money for you and use it to fund our services.  Send them to Fundraising, DSPCA, Mount Venus Road, Rathfarnham, Dublin 16 or leave them at the centre reception.

In Kind Donations

See our Wish List for more details.


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