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Below you can read about some of our adopted pets and their forever home.


My Cat is Luna

Lana1Just writing to give an update on our beautiful cat, Lana. We adopted
her in August 2011 when we saw her on the DSPCA web page. She was
named Marina whilst in the DSPCA and we were drawn to her for two
reasons. The first reason is that her story was so sad. She had been
rescued by a passer by who found a group of youths abusing her and the
second reason is that she is deaf, we thought other people might not
be quick to adopt a deaf cat so we thought we would!

We thought she'd make a great cat for our home and we were so right.
She hasn't been the easiest cat to look after as her deafness and her
past experiences have made her very nervous. When we took her home
first she hid under the coffee table for ages until we offered her a
little ham and that really started to bring her out of her shell! Over
the last few months she's been getting more and more comfortable every
day. She can be very affectionate when she wants to be but she's also
very independent and spends ages just exploring the apartment. WhileLana2
she doesn't often sleep beside us she has her own special chair which
she loves and she will frequently open one eye just to make sure we're
still here. She also likes to follow us around from room to room just
to make sure she's not missing out on anything! She also gives us
plenty of entertainment by sleeping in some very strange positions and
playing with the taps.

It's been a bit of a challenge working with a deaf cat since we've had
to come up with non verbal signals she can understand and we make sure
that if we're coming into a room we turn on a light first so we don't
startle her. I'd encourage anyone with reservations about getting a
deaf cat not to worry at all, as soon as you work out what the
personality of your cat is like it's incredibly rewarding and just
like having any other cat really. Everyone who sees her comments on
how beautiful she is because she's snow white and has bright blue
eyes. We love her so much. She's such a great pet, can't imagine life
without her now!

Amy and Cathal.

My Cats are Merlin & Prosperor

MerlinI had been looking for a cat for some months to fill the gap left by my beautiful Tortie, Nimue, who died in May. I visited the DSPCA website a few times and was drawn to a big black cat called McCloud. The more I looked at him the more I knew he was for me. I went to the DSPCA in September and there was McCloud, exactly like his picture on the website.It was love at first sight , well on my part anyway. McCloud was wonderfully indifferent. While I was looking at McCloud a beautiful little Tabby cat kept following as I walked up and down the outdoor cattery.

ProsperoI now had a terrible dilemma , I wanted McCloud but Rene (as I later found out that was his name ) was just so endearing. In an instant I decided that two cats were now going to be my companions. I took them home and they are just delightful. I re-named them Merlin and Prospero and they suit their names. Merlin likes to just sit and ponder the world and then eat sleep and ponder some more. Prospero is curious and is always thinking of getting up to some mischief. He particularly likes to sit on any reading material when I am reading it and chirrups rather than Meows. I am battling to write this because he desperately wants to sit on my laptop!!

Our Dog is Buddy

Buddy3Buddy is our six month old collie cross German shepherd. We got him from the DSPCA in January 2010. He used to be called Ben but we changed his name to Buddy. Buddy loves to run around and play a lot. He is always full of energy! He loves going for walks and playing with other dogs. He likes eating ice cubes and drinking milk as well. Buddy jumps up on people and tries to lick there faces all the time! He is so funny. Buddy adores his bean bag! He falls asleep on it every night. There is a picture of him below on his bean bag. Buddy has grown so big over the last couple of months, it’s unbelievable! Buddy is already potty trained and knows how to sit and give his paw. He is a great dog and we love him so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  By Amy and Buddy!







Our Cat is Squirt

Squirt and SnowyHe’s doing great and we love him dearly.  His favorite sleeping place (after my pillow!) is with Snowy the Teddybear as you can see in the photo.  He goes out now in the morning when we go to work but my mother goes up to let him in during the day.

He’s always in at night.  I recently bought a Petporte cat flap over the internet which is being fitted this week to give him more independence during the day so he can come in if it’s raining and mam hasn’t been up to him yet. It can be set to night mode which means he can come in after dark but not go out. 

I read a book by his vet recently which suggests it’s best to have your cat in at night and I would worry too much if he was out.  I’m like a fussing mother with a teenager!

Love Valerie & Squirt x

Squirt owes his life to a kind animal lover, PJ Costello, who nursed him back to life after being left to drown in a plastic bag that was heartlessly tossed into a river.  DSPCA_Squirt

The 52-year-old professional drummer from Blanchardstown, west Dublin, said he was sickened when he found Squirt and two other kittens left to drown in a plastic bag in the Tolka River on November 21 2009.  He was out walking his German shepherd Molly along the riverbank near James Connolly Memorial Hospital in Blanchardstown when the dog heard the kitten's faint meows.  By the time he found the bag, the two other kittens were already dead and Squirt was barely clinging to life, he said. 

Squirt 001He performed CPR on the kitten by blowing air through a biro case and rubbed his belly to get him breathing again.  "There was a big meow and he was sick and all of this water came out. So I stayed up all night with him to see what would happen,".  Mr Costello and his wife Emma nursed Squirt back to health before taking him to the DSPCA to be homed.  

Squirt was fostered out to one of our fantastic foster carers to let him recover and was then adopted by Valerie and her family. 

The DSPCA are delighted to see Squirt has such a loving home and has grown to be such a handsome, happy & healthy cat after his traumatic start.

Squirt 003

Squirt 004


RossiMy Cat is Rossi

I guess mine and Rossi’s story really begins in August 2009, when, after returning home from holidays, my beloved cat Mocha (also a rescue cat) had gone missing. My housemate was looking after her and she got out one day and didn’t come back. I was absolutely devastated! After weeks of searching, placing posters and ads everywhere I was looking at the DSCPA website and saw a cat very like Mocha. So I called, but unfortunately it wasn’t her. She was quite a distinct cat, long haired brownish/black colour. Anyway, a couple of days later the girls at the DSCPA called me to say that they had 3 long haired black kittens in but they were so gorgeous they would be snatched up. So I took a half day off work and, along with a friend, took the journey from Swords out to the shelter. Well, it was love at first sight – Rossi was just adorable and the absolute image of Mocha as a kitten. So in October 2009 we brought him home. At first he was very, very timid and terrified of everyone and everything, except toys. The way to Rossi’s heart from day one was through play. He is a better fetch player than any dog I have ever known – he’s even mastered holding two sponge balls in his mouth, while tapping a third along the ground, for me to throw all 3 again!!

While he is still terrified of strangers, he is definitely his mammy’s boy and loves to cuddle up at my feet UNDER the duvet!! While he loves his food, his absolute favourite is tuna – I can’t open a tin for myself without him climbing my leg to have a piece.

MochaRossi’s tale has an unbelievable happy ending too…Just over a month after I brought Rossi home, I got a phone call from a lovely lady asking if I had lost a cat called Mocha!!! Somehow she had made her way from Swords to Dublin City Center and this lady found her limping, and starved to near death, outside her office. Miraculously, she’d kept her collar with my phone number on and we were re-united nearly 4 months after she went missing. So Rossi got an unexpected big sister!!!! While at first they had to be separated for weeks, to allow Mocha to recover, now they are the best of friends and fantastic company for each other.

Thanks so much to the DSPCA for all their tremendous hard work, and incredible amount of love they give to all the animals under their care – you really are angels!

Louise, Rossi and Mocha xx

Oscar1My Cat is Oscar

My name is Alison and last year around the end of November 2009 i went up to visit the DSPCA to adopt a cat, Once i saw Oscar and his big green eyes i just knew that he was for me. He was 6 months old and was found hiding out under a car by the DSCPA. He was in the DSPCA a few weeks before i came along, i collected him on the 13th December, on first arriving home Oscar was very quite and very unsure of what was happening, when i started to cook chicken for my dinner he walked into the kitchen as to say that smells nice, give me some. Since then he has become my best furry friend and I could never imagine life without him, every morning at 7am he comes into my room to wake me up for work by playing with my toes.

Oscar2He likes to sing and loves been carried around the house and cuddles. Oscar is an indoor cat and he even made friends with our next door neoigbours little jack Russell "Molly", She normal likes to look in our frount window and Oscar looks out at her, I am sure that they are talking. Oscar is still weary of anyone new coming into the house, Once he gets to know you he will open up. He loves when my mom comes to visit because she brings him treats, My mom onlys come to visit Oscar now not me. Sometimes my neighbour Sheila checks in on him, Oscar is a ladys cat and loves the attention, i am now considering adopting another little cat from the DSCPA as company for Oscar. But thanks again to all the staff at DSPCA for all the great work they do and for bringing me and Oscar together.
Love Alison and Oscar x

RolfMy Dog is Rolf

We got him from the DSPCA back when he was only 1 year old, he is now 5 and a half,
When we first got him his name in the DSPCA his name had been Finbar,
He had been abandoned and knocked down and had got pins put in his leg as it had broken,
He now lives with us and we absolutely adore him! Him is one of the family! He especially loves snow are having his belly rubbed!!
From Louise (and Rolf!!)

Fidget (1)
Our Ferret is Fidget

We got Fidget  from the DSPCA In October 2009. He is a male albino Ferret. His name was Bainne in the DSPCA ,When Fidget first came he was a very playful and never stopped jumping around, So that’s how he got the name Fidget!

It took our resident ferrets Toffee and Fudge a while to get used to Fidget  but now they all get along great. Fidget now spends his days sleeping in their warm hutch and playing with Toffee and Fudge Fidget (2)in the back garden.

He also likes stealing food from the fridge and pestering our German Shepard Nika. He loves being handled and falling asleep on your lap. Fidget is a Great Ferret and we thank the DSPCA a huge amount for rescuing him!

Our Cat is Lulu

LuluWe first caught sight of Lulu when she climbed up the fencing in the outdoor section of the cattery to catch our attention! We hadn't gone to the DSPCA with a definite cat in mind to adopt but had been on the look out for a kitten, however Lulu introduced herself and we knew she was to be the cat for us. We adopted her in the 1st week of January this year. She had been brought into the DSPCA when she was found with her kittens back in September and was only a young cat herself (1.5 years) which was apparent in her playfulness.

LuluDaly3When we first brought her home she was very timid and cagey around us, but she did crave contact as she would butt her head on us until we stroked her! Since that first few days she has really come out of herself and has become the centre of our little family. She is the sweetest thing, she greets us in the mornings with trills and cries and we haven't slept in since we got her as she knows exactly when its time for us to get up! even at the weekend she insists that we wake at 7am! She loves climbing up on our laps and cuddling up to us for the evening! I am currently studying for exams and Lulu will sit in the room with me keeping me company for hours! stretching out her paw every now and then for a little pat ;-) sometimes she even jumps up on my desk to see what she's missing!

Lulu is still a bit timid and doesnt really like going outside, but she does love playing on our balcony jumping in and out of the windows and having great fun with her toys.She also loves sitting on the balcony ledge taking the world in and sunning herself. It is such an amazing thing to see her transform before our eyes, we are thrilled that we have her and would recommend that other people take an older cat rather than just going straight to the kittens as they have great personality and tons of love to give.
Thanks so much, you guys do a great job up there!
Janice, Alan + Lulu

Our Cat is Lolly

Lolly and EmoI adopted Lolly from the DSPCA in January 2007, when she was 6 months old. She was in a pod with her sister, Sunshine. When I first saw Lolly, she was a very timid cat but I was volunteering at the time and every weekend when I came up, I'd go into the cattery to say hello. I figured my other cat needed a playmate for when I was at school and my mum was at work so I decided to put my name down for Lolly. By the time I had done so, she knew me so well and wasn't nervous around me at all. It took me two weeks to actually bring her home because she suffered from conjunctivitis and had a hernia.
LollyWhen we eventually brought her home, it took her a while to get used to the house and our other cat but she came out of her shell extremely quickly. She's still very nervous around strangers but she's always saying hello to me in the mornings and coming into my room to keep me company. She loves watching the Lion Man too! She'll sit in front of the TV and watch it with me whenever it's on. At night, she becomes extremely hyperactive and vocal which my mum and I get a laugh out of. She has really come out of her shell since we got her and I love her to pieces! From Laura + Lolly x

Our Cat is Sam

Sam (3)We got him from the DSPCA in the 2nd week of December 2009. Sam is now about 9 months old. He is brilliant, he took a bit of time to come out of his shell, but now he is a completely different cat, full of confidence and loves to greet you with Miaow’s and Chirps. He is a very friendly little guy. He was found in Dublin, but we live in the middle of the countryside in South Wicklow and he is now loving being a country cat. He’s been going outside now for a few weeks and he has changed so much, now a confident adult cat. He’s made best friend’s with the next door neighbour’s cats and the two of them roam around the countryside like they own it. His new friend waits at the door every morning for him to come out and play, but there’s nothing he likes better than to laze about on his “hang over the radiator” bed, his favourite spot without a doubt. Pictures provided by my aspiring photographer wife, who loves her new model.

Sam (2)Sam (1)

Our Dog is Martha

MarthaHinkson(1)This is Martha, she is a Cocker / Collie cross. She was adopted in August 2008 for my sister karen who had never had her own dog to train. She is a member of a pack of four now and loves to play chasing in the garden with her best friend Trudy who is a labrador. Martha's favorite toy is a luminous orange tennis ball which will retrieve and drop at your feet. She loves to snooze on Karen's bed and just after the lawn is cut she loves to scratch her back and roll around in the  grass. The month Martha came home it was hectic as she was so small we were afraid that our other dogs would pretty much sit on her. Martha's hair gets really long and raggedy looking so we trim her down and it makes her look even crazier.  Martha is loved by all the family.

Our Dogs are Henry & Chester

HenryandChester (3)We adopted our two dogs Henry (previously Audi, who was in the special treatment section) and Chester (previously Scruffy) in January 2009. 
We decided it was time to get a new dog after our previous dog passed away after having her for 17 years. My parents first went up to the DSPCA and when they came home they said they had fallen for a lovely terrier. Me and my sister went up to see him, and while looking at the other dogs, we came across another terrier, a skinny little thing who had been found up the Dublin mountains. We just couldn't leave him behind! So mid January we brought the two of them home. 
HenryandChester (2)Well we just don't know what we would do without them now! They bring so much fun to the house and are so different from one another. Henry is the blonde shaggy terrier (not sure what he's a mix of!) and is just so gentle. He follows my Mum everywhere and is very obedient and affectionate. He loves human company. Chester is another story! He has changed so much. He use to be very nervous and would wet himself everytime anyone tried to pet him. He use to vomit out of fear everytime we went in the car. Now he's a completely different dog, full of life with alot of fantastic terrier attitude! He loves to chat chat chat! He's very intelligent and never misses a thing. We're constantly laughing at what they get up to together. They make a brilliant pair. They love their walks and everyone who meets them asks what breed they are and where we got them. We tell them about the great work that the DSPCA does, and what a great experience is has been adopting two rescue dogs.
We're very proud to tell you that Henry is now a Peata therapy dog. He visits young adults with special needs and brings them so much joy. Chester is a bit too crazy to take part :)   Thank you so much to everyone at the DSPCA who enabled us to adopt our new family members! We love them both so much.
The Sheridan family

Our Dog is Trudi

Trudi2Trudi is our 4 year old collie x terrier. We got her from the D.S.P.C.A in April 2006. Trudi loves the occasional lamb bone or pig ear though she probably would eat ANYTHING! Trudi loves jumping and twice she has jumped a 6ft wall! Trudi is very energetic and loves running around but in the evenings she loves to get a tummy rub while she sleeps by the fire.Trudi also loves to chase her tail!!! She loves people and jumps all over them and licks them!! Trudi loves tennis balls and manages to fit 2 in her mouth 24/7! She loves to play with her doggy friends Zarka, Venus and Yasmin! Trudi is the BEST dog in the world so thank you for rescuing her and looking after her so well! Love to all the animals at the D.S.P.C.A, Charlotte and Trudi xx

My Dogs name is RONJA

Ronya (3)Hi All, Wow – can’t believe it’s been 2 months since I’ve left the shelter with my new parents.
So to show you that I haven’t forgotten about you all, I thought I’d drop you a quick email to let you know how I’ve been getting on! The biggest change I suppose has been my name, I was Ricki when I left you, but now I’m Ronja; but we’ve also changed address and the move was fun, more later! There was great fun while a new name was decided. I didn’t like some of the names, but when they started talking being mischievous that interested me, so Ulla suggested a name from a childhood storybook and I liked it! I settled in really well. I was exploring my new home as soon as I arrived here and it was so much fun running the length of the hall and into the sitting room for about an hour! But guys, did you know wooden floors are slippery? It’s not easy to brake on them! Of course the opposite is true with carpets, I’ve ended up on my nose when I did a skid and hit the carpet before I’ve slowed down!

The first couple of nights were not easy – it was taking me some time to realize I wasn’t going to be abandoned again and left all on my own. But now I know they couldn’t possibly leave me – sure they’d be lost without me! They totally rely on me to get up in the morning for example. I mean, can you Ronya (4)believe that they sleep in twice a week? If I wasn’t there to wake them with my bark and whinging, they’d never get up I think! So I make sure I wake them at the usual time of 7am. Also, they think I’m a GREAT protector, my second night they asked me to mind a dressing gown and sweater, now if they have to go out for a while they ask me to mind the house. There is also this weird thing in the garden that I’m convinced is dangerous (my humans call it a “dustpan” I think) – but thanks to my pouncing, it hasn’t dared to come into the house yet. I’m keeping an eye on it though... You never know.

But actually, I am now a South County Dublin dog. Yep, we moved to the southside just before Christmas. They brought me over to the house a few times to let me explore and get used to it, and I love it! It’s so much bigger than our old house and the garden is huge, just perfect to play fetch in! I just love a good game of fetch! Everyone was amazed to discover I have a hidden talent; I understand German fluently! Ulla’s mother was visiting and she only speaks German, but we had great fun playing in the house and when she told me to go get toys I knew exactly which one she meant and brought it to her! We spent Ronya (2)Christmas with Des’ parents and they have dog called Pip and a cat called Momo. I had great fun getting to know them. Pip is much, much older than me but boy did she run the legs off me! Running round and round and round and round... I’m getting dizzy just thinking about it! She was a little intimidated by me because I’m a bit bigger than her, but once she got used to me we had great fun, although she wouldn’t allow me to join her on the couch. Momo on the other hand was not nice, any time I tried to introduce myself she smacked me and hissed. They say she’s a cat, but I wonder about that….

Walking on the leash is something I’m getting the hang of, although my investigations of the world do make going for a walk rather slow. I also learned “Sit”, “Fetch”, “Shake the paw” and “Leave it” already. And I’m learning to ask to go outside when I need to go toilet! On top of that I have perfected my list of canine looks: “Who? Me?” “You want me to [do what/go out there]?! You have got to be kidding” “I’ve done something I’m not supposed to have, but you don’t know what!” “That snack looks tasty, do you want to share some with me?” Yep, I’m really growing up and I’ve also gotten a lot bigger. I’ve attached some photos for you so you can see.  

My Dog's name is CHICO

Chico 1Our little Cairn/Yorkie cross is called Chico.  In 2007 I was volunteering at the DSPCA in the treatment centre. In the August a very sick, scruffy little dog with a broken leg was brought in as a stray.  It was touch and go for a while.  He was constantly shaking with fear, cowering away from everybody in his little bed; he hardly ate anything and was on kennel rest only.  Over the weeks I saw him gradually getting little stronger and less frightened of people. That was all down to the amazing work of the staff and volunteers at the DSPCA.  Then, in December '07 it was decided that his broken leg should be amputated as it never fully healed. This was the day I asked if I could adopt him.  I took him home a week or so later and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  We've seen this little guy morph from a Chico2shivering, terrified mess into a gregarious, energetic, playful little terrier! He's about 8 years old now, his favourite things are going for walks (or runs!!), playing with his sister Florence the pitbull (also a rescue dog), and eating meat and treats!  He has a habit of howling when he hears people singing, sleeping with his mouth open, and he never, ever, lets the fact that he's only got three legs slow him down.  He's always running around the garden with Florence.  That is when he's not curled up on the sofa with her.  We will definitely adopt another pet from the DSPCA before too long.

My Cat’s name is LOLA

On the 18th of September, 2007, my friend took me to the DSPCA shelter. I had previously owned a beautiful white cat, who passed away from old age, and Jill kindly offered to bring me to adopt a kitten as a birthday present. I was very nervous about going to the shelter, as I didn't think I'd be ableLola (3) to choose a new pet. However, after explaining this to the staff, and saying that I was looking for a female kitten, a small bundle was carried out to me. I felt guilty for taking her away from her two brothers, but I took her home and called her Lola, and she fast became part of the family.
My father, in particular, took a great shine to her, and would cook meat I had bought for MY dinner and feed it to her! I then acquired a little sister kitty for her who sadly went missing in Feb '09 and Lola still pines for her.
She loves to knock things down- she smashed a lovely Waterford crystal vase last month... I binned the evidence and we haven't been caught yet! And, she's starting to earn her keep; she came into the house a few days ago with a 2 euro coin in her mouth! Just have to wait for a few €500 notes now and we'll be sorted.
As I type this she's asleep on my feet, keeping them lovely and warm, so from myself Claire, and from Lola,

Our Dogs name is MILLIE.

MillieGillisWe got Millie our Black Lab/Water Spaniel from the DSPCA the third week in December.  We have two daughters aged 9 and 6 and we figured it was the right time to get a dog.

Millie is settling in really well.  She is very clever and will sit and stay on command and is already house trained.  She loves going for walks in Celbridge and has a particular fondness for slippers and shoes (a girl after my own heart)!

We all love her and she is a great pet!  by Deborah

My Cats names are HARLEY & ALI.

AliHarleyHarley is 5 and Ali is 2. I got both cats from the DSPCA! I got Harley in 2004 and Ali in October 2009. I have had Harley five years and Ali 4 and a bit months.  They are the best cats an owner could ask for!! Harley is very laid back and Ali is playful and love cuddles! She also loves to chat to everyone who comes to visit! Harley and Ali are best friends and love to play chasing in the garden!! Harley protects Ali from the bully cats in the neighbourhood and is the best big brother Ali could ask for!  In the pictures: Harley is the long haired grey and white cat and Ali is the ginger, black and white kitty.  Ali loves tuna and cheese and Harley loves ham! Ali can jump really high in the air and Harley could sleep all day without moving!! 

Our Dog's names are ROXY & LUNA.

RoxyAndLuna (1)Cathal & I knew once we went to the DSPCA that we would not be leaving without a dog or two, so we went up to take a look. I was used to Cocker Spaniels & Cathal to Labradors, but we ended up with a Boxer-Staffie cross & a Greyhound!!  We spotted Roxy, the Boxer cross, (formerly known as Alice), who was getting on like a house on fire with her kennel mate, so after taking them both out for a walk we asked about taking them both.  Unfortunately the other pup was reserved so Karen the wonderful rehoming officer asked if we would consider a greyhound.   Luna came out of her RoxyAndLuna (2)kennel, took one look at Cathal & it was love at first sight, so with that we had our two girls.  After the home visit, they came home on 31st of July 2008.  It's safe to day that they have changed our lives but only for the better.  Luna is a true lady & loves nothing better than napping, usually on the couch, before springing in to life at the mention of the magic word "walkies" or when their treat box is being opened or dinner is on the cards.  She's always great on the lead, with other dogs & loves to meet everyone when we're out & about for a scratch behind the ears. Then there's Roxy, our tramp!!  She has had two RoxyAndLuna (3)lots of obedience lessons but is still so excited & distracted by everything, everyone & especially other dogs that she forgets how to be good on the lead.  The garden is full of potholes where she has tried to dig her way to Australia or into the neighbour's garden; she has chewed up everything that she can get her mouth on, including a dog bed that was supposed to be indestructible.  But one look from her beautiful brown eyes & when she gives us a big kiss & all is forgiven.  She is an amazing watchdog & is so nosy that she tries to be in two places at the same time.  Both Luna & Roxy love nothing more than running on the beach together & would be lost without each other, as would we without them.  From Madeleine, Cathal, Luna & Roxy .

Our Dogs name is BEN

BenConroy (1)I'm writing a very small update about our dog we got from the shelter eight years ago. When we went to get Ben I was only 12 years old. In the shelter there was two new litters of pups but for some reason we were drawn to Ben although I remember running around the shelter looking at the other dogs but we decided to take him home. We had to wait two weeks until he was old enough to take home and then a further two weeks because of an out break of worms in the shelter. Finally we got him home and eight years later he's still here! Ben has not changed much in that time. As a puppy I use to play with him and he would grab my pigtails in his mouth and pull them. One day I walked into the kitchen and found his head literally stuck in his box of biscuits.
BenConroy (3)He is still as energetic as the puppy he was (last week I chased him around the kitchen to try get back the box of Quality Street) but he has calmed down a good bit. He no longer steals the clothes of the washing line! He hates water and will only go in if his feet can touch the bottom. He will eat anything edible and likes to sit high up on things including on top of his kennel. Everyone comments on how young he looks. I love all the animals we have but I have a soft spot for Ben because he's such a unique and friendly dog! He is such a gentle giant. Giving Ben a home was one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done. by Karen

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