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Photo Competition Winners 2010

Amazing!!!   That is all we can say about all the entries to the DSPCA Photo Competition 2010.

Can we just say too that it was a joyful thing to go through the entries! It’s so wonderful to see how much people love their pets and wild animals.  Thank you so much for sharing your photos and memories with us.   We have been blown away with the fabulous photos that were entered by everyone in all the age categories, everyone of them are brilliant and all deserved to winners. 

We were delighted when Mark Steadman accepted our invitation to be judge as he is an award winning Irish press photographer and has many years experience as a professional photographer.  He has judged photo competitions for companies in the past and is a great supporter of the DSPCA.  It was very tough decision process for our judge, Mark, to narrow it down to three winners per category so a bit thanks from us to Mark for taking on this hard task.

We would also like to thank Canon Ireland and Business Electronic Equipment for the donation of the brilliant prizes for our winners.

So now to what you have all been waiting for, the winners!!!

In the Under 13 Years Old Category

1st Prize - Meabh Gahan age 11

“Bottoms up!” My two hens Buttercup and Daisy in the trough getting a drink

MeabhGahanFirst Prize

2nd Prize - Conor Handley age 9

Harry wants his Mammy -  This is my dog Harry waiting for my Mam to come back from the shops.  He was not happy that she went off in the car without him.


3rd Prize - Matthew McCutcheon age11

Max - This is a photo of my friend's dog called Max. I see him almost every day. He knows me so well that he doesn't even bark when I come to his house. I took this photo when he had just come back from his daily walk in the local park. I took this in his back garden after he had a nice cool drink. I like this photo because it shows up the colour on his coat so well. I think this photo is a winner because he looks like he is actually smiling at the camera.

MatthewMc Cutcheon3rdPrize

In the 13 to 18 Years Old Category

1st Prize - Pearse Naughton

Stonechat - This picture of a stonechat was taken in Sandymount beach I like this picture because i think it is very natural and the bird seems very unaware of me being just metres away taking it’s picture.Thats why i think this picture could be a winner.

Pearse Naughton First Prize

2nd Prize - Erica Jordan

Pitch Invasion - Taken in Tymon Park, every winter hundreds of migrating Brent Geese stop over in the park and my school, St Paul‘s Secondary School.

Erica Jordan Second Prize

3rd Prize - Chloe Gray

Trust comes in all shapes and sizes - I took this photo in my kitchen of my dog Fred, Fred usually lies beneath our table because he is a very nervous dog, we know he was cruelly treated in his previous home, he had just come out of hiding beneath the table with an expression of pure trust when the light shown through the window onto Fred, I captured this photo, I think this photo could win this competition because  this shows how far Fred has come and his sheer expression of trust.

Chloe Gray Third Prize

In the Over 19 Years Old Category

1st Prize - Ciarán McDonnell Byrne

"Fantastic Mr. Fox" - I captured this shot in Firhouse. I was out bird watching and stumbled upon a family of foxes. This shot is framed beautifully by the trees and hedges and the evening sunlight adds to the shot. I was lucky that he popped his curious head out at the right time. I think the fox’s expression is great and it really makes the shot.

Ciaran McDonnell Byrne

2nd Prize - Deirdre Byrne

Saltees Gannet - I liked this picture I took in the Saltees in June because the bird looks like he is looking into the camera as he soars high above me, on the day I did end up with bird poo in my eye, they say this is good luck, so maybe this could be my lucky picture.


3rd Prize - Steven Matthews

Seal of approval - This photo is of a seal in Glengarriff bay. It seems to be posing when it saw the camera.


Honourable Mention - Bart Hoppenbrouwers

Dilemma in Doolin


We will have all photos entered on our Flickr site very soon!  Thanks again to everyone who entered!




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